Monday, August 3, 2009

A Houston Writer Unlocks The Secrets Of Giving And Receiving

people cutouts in a circle
Houston writer Jana Mullins uses her graduate school project to a inspire others. In The Circle Of Giving, her book, more than 45 contributing authors share how their lives have been affected, in big and small ways, by the kindness of others.

This week she stops by the Inversions Coffee House to discus her book as part of The Houston library's Cafe Reads.

The author uses these powerful tales to explain that open hands and open hearts create an interdependence in our communities that enables us to achieve a higher level of existence. These heartfelt stories have inspired many who have read them.

The Houston writer, concludes her book noting that, the unending “circle of giving” remains incomplete unless a gift is both given and received with an open heart and open hands. Sphere: Related Content

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