Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good Books About Texas By Houston Authors


I'm caught in a loop of reading books by Houston authors and trying to finish my blog post. It's becoming a vicious circle fueled by two books that I've picked up just to browse through, and now feel torn between which of them to finish first.

One is a topic that I'm partial to, good food. The other is related to my other favorite subject spirituality. It's not entirely a spiritual treatise, but it does reflects upon a the impact of divine themes on the interiors of homes.

Okay, now that the cat out of the bag, I may as well give you the titles of the these two books that have Houston origins. They were both published in Houston by Bright Sky Press.

Whether you're passionate about cooking barbecue or just in to eating your fair share of the Texas staple, you'll find yourself drawn into the roadhouses and barbecue joints where burgers and fries take a back seat to their more filling, tastier kinsmen, brisket and potato salad.

Alright I'm not ready to tell you much more than that, but if I've piqued your curiosity, and you can't wait for the rest of the story, one is the 37th book, by former Houston Chronicle food editor, John Demers "Follow The Smoke". The Houston author solidifies Texas' bragging rights to the best barbecue north of the Rio Grande.

The Houston author takes the reader on a culinary journey through the great state one bite at a time. His fare? The food that won the west. Slow smoked, till you can see that perfect smoke ring in every mouthful, Texas barbecue.

A delicacy that's older than it's better known cousin barbeque. That citified version they serve up and down the Mississippi in places like Memphis and St. Louis, which lack the thick rich red sauce from deep in the heart of Texas.

I'll get back to you, with mo details, hopefully soon. It'll be later if I can't finish this last hundred pages or so without heading outside to fire up my Old Smokey. Sphere: Related Content


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