Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Houston Writer: Louise Parsley

Louise Parsley Book Cover

Houston writer, Louise Parsley's "Revelations in the Rearview Mirror: One Mother's Hard-Won and Hilarious Epiphanies on the Road to the Empty Nest" (bright sky press),
earned a place on the list of books I've read, on my Goodreads bookshelf.

If the themes from "War and Peace" were as straight forward, brief and to the point as the essays in this book, I might have found enough reasons to make it to the end of the classic.

I can't believe how Parsley honestly bears her soul to readers in this candid and humorous look at her formative years, on her journey to becoming an atypical mother. She escapes becoming your garden variety mom when she bravely admits to being the reason that her children "started off at such a disadvantage". Because she wisely refused to stand in line at 4 a.m. to register them for T.H.E Mother's Day Out program and did not sign them up for T.H.E summer camp, knowing the best things in life come without T.H.E. blueprint for success.

This Houston writer has penned what should be called, the ultimate survival guide for brides, young mothers and parents in their fight against graying hair and maintaining their sanity during child rearing. It's great preparation for enduring the marathon Dora the Explorer episodes, when Sharpie's attack your walls and being banished to last place on your teens "need to know list".

Louise becomes the light bearer for brides when she shares her epiphany, "I spent six months focusing on a wedding, not a marriage."

The Houston writer illuminates the zigzag path mothers climb from the land of "Holding On" to the welcome feeling of "Letting Go". This book will cause you to ingest big gulps of laughter into your soul and should be prescribed instead of Xanax for anyone considering hoovering on the brink of depression because family life ain't been no crystal stair. Sphere: Related Content

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