Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Author Tour In Houston

doomsday key

Writer James Rollins of Indiana Jones fame will be on an author tour in Houston to share his take on his books and the charcters his words so magically brings to life. This down to earth author deserves a visit to his website, by all of the fans of the many books he has written.

I enjoyed reading about his crank call to a fellow author during an author road trip. This gives us a look at the real human side of a guy who not only can write, but knows how to pull off a good prank or two.

His latest book is the Doomday Key. I haven't had the priviledge to read it yet, but I'm sure excitement and suspense two themes he weaves so maticulously thru his books, are waiting to be uncovered.

Rolllings author tour in Houston takes him to the downtown Houston public library. The exciting event is open to the public and everyone will enjoy this fantastic Houston event. Sphere: Related Content

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