Thursday, October 22, 2009

African American Author From Houston: Katrina Spencer

Word on the street is that African American author and retired hair stylist Katrina Spencer's first novel is the bomb and she's ready to drop another one that's already washed and set to go. The former Houston stylist and writer penned Six O'Clock (Genesis Press)set in an upscale Houston Salon.

It's taken from her personal experience so I won't name the shop where she used to wash and weave. Who knows you may just be in her book in likeness?

This Houston mother not only uses an African American salon as the backdrop for this book, she hangs some dirty laundry out too. The main character in her book experiences some of the challenges that go with being less than bootylicious in a society where females crave body enhancements and a culture where bootyfull women are the Alpha-dogs.

Spencer throws the doors wideopen and you can expect to see this hot topic being discussed publicly a whole lot more. Then there is the Black hair thing. Chris Rock has taken this subject to task. But it was Houston's Katrina Spencer who's been hitting the pavement and the bookstore with it since February.

I haven't formally reviewed the book from the African American author from Houston, but the other reviews are tantalizing, so this book has to have plenty of substance and merits a place on the Books About Houston, next reads list.

I'm trying to get my hands on a copy so I can tell you who's in and of course who's not. If you see Katrina tell her she doesn't have to sign it, just send me a copy of Six'O Clock.
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  1. Thanks for reviewing my book and stopping by the blog today! I'm going link this page to my blog on Monday. Stop by my website again and email me your PO Box or address and I'll send a copy of Six O'clock. And of course it will be autographed.


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