Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Interior Design and Decorating: Interior Wisdom By Leah Richardson

Interior design and decorating gets an empowering boost in Leah Richardson's Interior Wisdom, Designing Your Home and Heart For The Lord (bright sky press). It gives understanding, meaning and incredible insight into how to create a spiritually vibrant home.

Richardson recognizes the prophetic wisdom found in The Holy Bible as the source of infinite creativity to fill a heart and a home. Unlike practitioners of the of the traditional Chinese method of fung shei who seek to align the human and social world in auspicious alignment with the wind, water and forces of the cosmos.

Design Your Living Spaces Into A Spirit-Filled Home

The author a certified designer, embraces the spiritual and physical interaction in decorating and furnishing a home.
She contentiously reminds readers that every home is a dwelling place for your spiritual and physical being.

I was enlightened by one of her powerful analogies of how color changes with artificial lighting versus the beauty of natural light "And in much the same way as we allow the Lord to design our lives by removing the draperies and veils that obscure our heart, light will come flooding in."

Scriptures From The Bible For Rooms In Your Home

Interior design and decorating becomes an empowering act when you use the scriptures from the bible found in Interior Wisdom. I shared this book with a friend who remarked "it's is a self-help book for your home and your soul". The color photos by Colleen Duffy supply a dramatic eye-appeal to the flow of the text in the book. This is a book where you can find individual scriptures from The Bible to invoke God's blessings for the entrance ways, children's bedrooms or any room in your home.

Every Christian who is serious about ensuring their residence is a place where love, peace and blessings flow in abundance,  will be empowered to design their home and heart for the Lord,  through the spirit-filled decorating advice from Leah Richardson, a certified designer, member of the American Society Of Interior Designers (ASID) and leader of her own ministry (Leah Richardson Ministries).
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  2. Interesting that she ties in so many biblical references into interior design.


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