Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where To Sell Used Books In Houston

                                                 A Green Idea For Blog Action Day!

    Selling used books in Houston is a green idea. It's one of the many ways avid book readers can participate along with the rest of the world in Blog Action Day. Over 5,000 other blogs have pledged to remind everyone this week about doing his or her part to make a positive impact on climate change.

It's natural for a book lover to want to keep every book they've ever purchased. Each one evokes fond memories. They're held just as tightly and close to our hearts as we hold our babies and we often form a bond with our favorite characters and authors that is just as tight.

Selling Books In Houston

If you have a collection of books that are in great shape you can take them to some of the local used bookstores in Houston that will buy them from you. If you've doodled in them and dogeared the pages you don't even thing about trying to sell them. Here is a short list of a few local bookstore that will buy your used books.

Half Price Books
Becker Books
Katy Budget Books
The Young And The Restless
Brazos Books

Books that are in pristine shape are the best candidates for resell. Especially if they are popular titles and authors, they'll fetch you a dollar or two. Cookbooks, novels that are still on the best sellers list and how-to guides are some of the used books that are always in demand and are easier to sell. Don't expect much for your used books. I sold about a dozen books to a local used book buyer and came away with $5 dollars. If you're interested in collecting books as an investment you can get a few good tips on selling collectible books  from the article "How Reading Books Can Earn You Extra Cash".

Places to Donate Used Books In Houston

Unless it's a rare book from England or a bestselling 19th Century author, it might not qualify for donating to your local library. Instead there are plenty of other places you can consider. Drug and alcohol recovery centers, women's shelters and community centers in Houston can benefit when you go green and recycle used books through donating them.

Houston Area Women's Center has a library that accepts donations of books in all languages and needs ethnically diverse magazine subscriptions.

The Salvation Army Womens and Childrens Center is great place to take those used children's books and magazines for women and children.

Where To Buy Used Books In Houston

If you want to save some of the greenbacks in your pocket. You can further reduce the effects of climate change you can make a habit of buying used books. The depth of the titles that are available will surprise you.

There is not a college student today that couldn't benefit from purchasing used textbooks. You don't have to be in the market for an old title to find a good used book. You can often find some of the latest books. If you wait a month or two after their release you'll see them popping up in used book stores all over Houston.

Recycling books is a good thing to do everyday and particularly during this global effort on Blog Action Day. Reselling them, donating old books, or sharing them with friends are all ways to go green that bibliophiles need to be reminded about. If I missed any other green ideas for books leave me a comment and tell me about it. Sphere: Related Content

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