Friday, April 10, 2009

Books: Local Travel Ideas For Houston

Day Trips from Houston
By Carol Barrington, Sydney Kearney

You could never do most of the stuff in one day covered in "Day Trips from Houston", but it would be fun to try to.

You'll enjoy experiencing any of these unique and exciting adventures listed in this action packed local travel guide. Its full of great sights to see and palces to visit, in and around the Houston area.

The guide book presents you with a choice of regions to start your journey. Many of the getaway ideas are kid friendly and affordable enough for any budget conscious travelers.

Once you preview this local travel book on Google Book Search like I did, you'll find it's a valuable tool and resource, to have in your personal library, to find cool trips near the Houston metroplex, for friends, family or a group.

You may want to try the "Online Guide to Houston" to get more information about tkaing trips in and around H-town. Sphere: Related Content

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