Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Down Home In Houston

Cover of Down In Houston

You can almost smell the cigarette smoke and barbecue as you turn the pages of "Down In Houston". I've just added this epic Blues chronicle to the list of Books About Houston.

Roger Wood and James Fraher follow the blues through riveting stories from the early days, when Lightnin' Hopkins was king of the blues,through the streets of Houston's Third and Fifth Wards to its impact on the American blues scene.

Wood and Fraher documented the story of the blues in Houston, by drawing on dozens of interviews with blues musicians, club owners, audience members, and music producers.

"Down In Houston" uses Fraher's dramatic black-and-white photographs of the performers and venues, and their memorable personal accounts to paint a detailed portrait of the Houston's blues scene, past and present.

You can find this treasure at most of the local bookstores or buy it here by clicking on the books about Houston link. Sphere: Related Content

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