Thursday, August 1, 2013

Seth Material

 Every year I talk to a few dozen men about their reading habits. It’s clear that something has to be a catalyst. before most men resort to serious reading. Usually they are trying to solve a problem,  find the answer to a pressing need, or they are tired of waiting and trying to fight off  boredom.   Now that books are available in electronic and other formats. We plan to include audio and Kindle versions of books whenever possible.

  Occasionally I meet  guys around Houston  who say they really like to read. I met one such guy the other day. I couldn't  help but  noticed  the other day a guy that  normally is playing basketball while waiting for his daughter to finish her swimming lessons,  intently gleaning the pages of a book.  Before the evening was over I made it a point to accost him to find out what author had captured his attention.  I cornered him for a few photos and a  quick interview and discovered that he had been a fan of Jane Roberts.

Seth Material

There are some  great benefits waiting to be reaped from reading  books.  Best of all  they are the kind of benefits that don’t expire,  can’t be taken from you and  if you water them  they’ll take off and  grows like a weed.  
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