Monday, April 25, 2011

Powerful Tips For Authors On Getting Signed, Published And Publicity

Authors and writers can benefit from tips to get signed, get published, get publicity to promote their books and build their writing careers during the Black Book Festival in Houston. The annual event will bring together some of the upper echelon in the publishing industry with aspiring, published and successful authors and writers.

The festival features a variety of seminars and symposiums for this years Houston event. It’s one of the must-attend venues for marketing-minded writers and authors. It ‘s a chance to get tips, tricks and techniques that can get a new career off the ground or keep a soaring career moving forward.

Book Marketing Tips

The Black Book Festival will host an informative Breakthrough Conference that’s designed to shorten the learning curve for freelancers, aspiring and published authors who want to sharpen their marketing skills. The experts in the conference will share proven techniques and best practices on how to get interviews with radio, TV and newspapers to make sure your work gets the maximum exposure it deserves.

Getting Published

The Breakthrough Conference is a chance for authors to get up to speed on what major publishing houses look for when they review a book proposal. You will walk away with a better understanding of how to meet that criteria. Some of the nations top African American book agents will also be on hand to impart their wisdom to help writers over several crucial hurdle's.

Some of the nations top African American book agents will also be on hand to impart their wisdom to help writers over several crucial hurdle's.

  • How to find the best agent.
  • The truth about book advances
  • What motivate major publishers to consider an author for a 2 or 5 book deal.

Getting Publicity For Your Book

Each action packed session of the National Black Book Festival has timely information and relevant themes designed to empower authors and writers to take charge of their careers. .

A  panel discussion  on how to  Get Signed, Get Published, Get Publicity  begins Friday,June 10, 2011 - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Some of the top publishing industry pros on the panels include:

  • Pam Perry -Visionary of Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. and one of the nation’s premiere Christian literary PR Coaches.
  • J. M. Benjamin CEO of A New Quality Publishing. J. M. has developed guerrilla marketing and grassroots techniques that helped him sell thousands of books.
  • Regina Brooks the founder of Serendipity Literary Agency LLC.
  • Malaika Adero, of UpSouth, Inc., an organization that promotes and presents authors and artists.

To be a successful author you need to know how to get signed, get published, get publicity and other career building marketing tips that will attract book publishers as well as an audience for your work.

If you’re a writer or author that’s serious about making your literary breakthrough and turning your existing or future book(s) into bestsellers you want to be a part of these three powerful sessions. Sphere: Related Content

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