Thursday, May 27, 2010

Book Festivals In Houston

shopper at Indie book festival in Houston

Everyone who attends book festivals in Houston aren't writers. There is a cadre of industry professionals that provide support to publishers and writers who show up for the workshops and other events to offer sound advice and credible support.

Many of these pros come to Houston several times each year for the various book festivals. The Indie Book festival and Nuestra Palabra and The National Black Book Festival are all popular literary festivals that you can attend in Houston.

National Black Book Festival

Last week, the Black book festival offered a workshop featuring publishing industry professionals, Tyro Moody, from Tywebbin Creations, a marketing and design company that offers web and graphic design, online marketing seminars and virtual book tour events for authors. Also at the fest was Pam Perry, the nation’s premiere Christian literary PR Coach and Chief Visionary of Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc.

They were part of the incredibly informative Literary Conference, "Get signed, Get Published, Get Publicity". It was a workshop designed to allow Black writers to get some much needed "how-to" tips and advice on getting published, from marketing experts in the publishing industry. The focus of the conversations included:

How to receive maximum exposure for a book
How to get the media to contact you for interviews

Indie Book Festival

The Indie Book fest is a meeting of the minds between independent publishers and authors in Houston. It's a chance for small press publishers, literary organizations and writers to get some face time with Houston’s best and brightest authors.

Local writers, authors and booksellers come out to network and see what other bibliophiles in Houston have to offer!

Nuestra Palabra

The annual Houston Latino book and family festival, Nuestra Palabra takes place in the fall. It's one of the largest book fairs in the state. In only six years, They have gone from filling party halls to packing exhibit halls.

Nuestra Palabra have built the popularity for their events through monthly showcases held from February to July. These showcases highlight Latino writers in an entertaining and informative forum. Generally from 100 to 300 people come out to these events that are more than just a showcase and readings. They feature forums which generate other ways to educate and inspire the community, and promotes Latino literature and Latino authors.

Houston Book Festivals

Attending any one of the Houston Book Festivals will prove to be an entertaining, enriching and enjoyable experience, whether you're into reading, writing or just like to get out of the house on weekends. It's an excellent opportunity to discover new authors and encourage kids of all ages in your family to read more.

In addition to these literary festivals in Houston, there are quaterly forums sponsored by Houston's Progressive Forum. Their organization's viewpoint has roots in mainstream constitutional enlightenment, and seek to reflect the values of America’s founding fathers. Their speakers are a cross-section of the top intellectual and cultural stars in America. Sphere: Related Content


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