Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Books About Famous African American's From Houston

Benard Harris in Space Suit

There are plenty of Books about famous African Americans from Houston. They have left a documented legacy through law suits, books and periodicals as they paved the way for today's generation. During February's Black History Events in Houston, I've noted the names of a few Black men that have shaped our community and the nation.

Dr. Bernard Harris, Jr.
The First African American to take a walk in outerspace.
Sherman E. Stimley
Opened the first African-American Law firm in Texas to consult exclusively in tax-exempt bond law.
Dr. Lonnie E. Smith
He was the Smith involved in, Smith v. Allwright . The 1944 landmark Supreme Court case which won the right of all African-Americans to vote in Texas primary elections.

Our Oral History

My grandma always said it's better to hear it from the horses mouth. That's one of the reasons I value oral history as well as written history. In 2009 NPR(National Public Radio sent their mobile studio, the StoryCorps to Houston for a couple of weeks to record interviews with local residents.

These interviews will become part of a permanent oral archive in the Library of Congress. This project documents the face to face interviews with prominent citizens, well known businessmen and everyday people from all across the country.

Houston History Project

The city of Houston has several ongoing oral history projects to capture fascinating bits and pieces of their history from the last century. The intriguing interviews of well known Houston civic, political and business leaders have been digitally recorded. These are some of the people who were the eyewitnesses to the historical events that happened in Houston in the last century. About 100 people were interviewed and eventually all of recordings will be available to us through the Houston Public Library.

The University of Houston also is working on a Houston History project. It's touted as a learning laboratory for anyone studying history. It's consists of oral history, a history magazine and a Houston history archive.
Their ultimate goal is to create a repository of materials that teachers, students, amateur historians and any one interested in Houston's vibrant history can access.

Books To Research Family History In Houston

You can discover some really interesting facts about your family, take time to do a little sleuthing at the Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research. They have a collection of births, deaths, census records and other books to help you research family history in Houston.

It's an incredible way for you to connect with your ancestors and other members of past generations. You can also get free access to databases containing African American History online through Houston's African American Library at the Gregory School. They have a large collection of personal papers and artifacts from Blacks in Houston.

Houston's Black History

This month make it a point to find books that discuss Houston's Black History and mentions people from our city. Then make it your business to remind, share and tell somebody, the story of their struggles and successes.

Books About Houston is starting an Author Showcase. If you're a local author or know an author that has recently published a book contact me through EJ Jolivet on Facebook page for a chance to have your book reviewed on this blog. Sphere: Related Content

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