Thursday, January 7, 2010

Books About Houston

I seldom sing praises on Books about Houston for something that I' haven't tried out yet. But just sitting here thinking about the new iPhone application "Local Books" makes for some really awesome possibilities.

Book Shopping Gets A Social Media Makeover

If you haven't heard about the latest iPhone app from LibraryThing that makes finding a book as easy as scrolling down a list, here's the scoop.

The social networking website for book lovers, LibraryThing has a member-created database with listings of about 51,000 bookstores and libraries around the world. Now this information storehouse is going mobile on a new I-phone apps that anyone who seriously needs to find a book, readers, students, researchers, and even book collectors will luv.

It's has more than just reviews for local Houston bookstores. It also has listings of one of the most crucial places on a book lovers planet, local libraries. There are more of them in a city than the number of Indies and chain bookstores. Now there's one place where you can find a good book no matter what city or state you may be visiting.

Bookstores In Houston

Not only will you know where to find just about any book, in any city, in the palm of your hand. It's high time a broader audience gains access to the cubbyholes and well lit places where books are king.

The world of bookstore readings, signings and openings may be on its way to becoming a stiff competitor for the Friday night audiences shrinking dollar.

Finding Books Just got Easier

You'll be able to search for books about Houston whether you're in Indianapolis, Illinois or on an island retreat. Imagine this. A world of books in the broadest possible terms. A book and a burger, a mystery and music, bowling for books. These are just samplings of where I envision this new iPhone application being able to take us.

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