Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Houston Book Lecture

people at pot luck

The Taft Street Coffee House, book lecture guest is Dr. Paul Nison, a raw food author, chef and educator. His Houston book tour is for his new diet book "The Daylight Diet." Nison is the featured speaker for a Pot Luck and Lecture series at the coffee house this week in Houston.

Earlier this month Paul's talk was in Austin for Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo and the Austin Raw Food Diet, Vegan Meetup and Movie Group touting the benefits of eating raw food. One of the people who attended the event made this notable remark.

Paul Nison is an excellent engaging speaker who really entertains his audience and gives them a wealth of information. He knows his stuff and doesn't just talk the talk, he also walks the walk. The "Daylight Diet" is solidly based on the Scriptures and should bring great health to anyone who follows it.

Reviews Of The Daylight Diet

Being a former vegan and contentious eater, I recognize there is more to eating than just stuffing your face full of whatever is put in front of you. I'm considering checking out the potluck. Since his books the Daylight Diet and Raw Food have gotten plenty of reviews from his colleagues, I'll give you a sampling of what other rawfers are saying about this new release and forgo my personal cooked-up and biased opinion.


Paul is his own best show case model he walks his talk and lives what he is teaching. His new book: “ The Daylight Diet” is a new breakthrough in Paul’s work. He demonstrates for everybody how easy it can be to live a healthier, happier and more energetic life. I will make this book to a must read for everybody I care for. Paul Nison’s insight and experience gives the reader a new way to understand and achieve better health, energy and quality of life.

Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement, Ph.D.,L.N. Directors of Hippocrates Health Institute www.hippocratesinst.org

Taft Street Coffee House Lecture

Today at 7:pm at the coffee house, you can get some of the answers to those questions invoked by this scholarly work on how eating raw can benefit you and your family. Come and meet others interested in raw foods and health, share a raw pot luck meal, and hear Dr. Nison diet book on the raw foods lifestyle and health. Sphere: Related Content

Monday, June 15, 2009

Book Events In Houston

Nia Promotions invites all the ladies in the house to indulge in Books, Beauty & Banter! This unique book event in Houston provides a literary getaway. This is your chance to connect with other women who have decided to slow their roll and elude the “real world” while experiencing, not just reading a good book.

This LADIES Only event will gives the diva in your family a enjoy fantastic books and vendors, and get in on a Passion Party®. An atmosphere that’s infused with energy, intellect, and fun!

If you haven't been to any of their Houston, or online events or even heard of this virtual promotions company, do yourself a favor and check out the Nia Promotions podcast. You'll be pleasantly surprised how they have elevated reading books from a hobby to an entertaining and enriching experience.

The latest books from Jean Holloway, TL James, Danyelle Scroggins and DeiIra Smith-Collard will be the topic starters. It's a time for conversation, camaraderie, and candid chats with authors and friends about exciting books that Houston women are reading. Sphere: Related Content

Monday, June 8, 2009

Houston Book Tours: Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, the current Speaker of the US House of Representatives, visits Houston to speak and promote her new book Know Your Power. Subtitled "The Message To Americas Daughters", has a variety of reviews that I found interesting. One from Amazon stated " relatively tame and not especially original—never lose faith, recognize opportunity, organize, don’t agonize, there is no secret sauce, etc.—readers will appreciate the spirit, the sincerity, and the context of the message delivered by one of the most powerful women in the nation.

Another person commented "Nancy generally writes in this strange first person way and how her logic is always best."

Pelosi wrote the book to shed light on what it's like to go from housewife to House Speaker. You can expect to her to share straight forward stories from the book and her busy life representing the good people in her home district in California.

The book discusses the women who motivated her and passes on words of wisdom to the young women of the world. Sphere: Related Content

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Houston Writer Joe Doggett At Brazos Books

Book cover for Outdoor Chronicle

Joe Doggett is a Houston writer with a name that is a familiar to most people because of his long tenure with the Houston Chronicle as as outdoor writer. His writing has also been a mainstay in Field and Stream for a couple of decades.

Now the award winning Houston author and photographer has combined the two talents into a book. The local writers latest literary work covers fishing in saltwater, freshwater and vivid details on bagging Costa Rican roosterfish.

The former Chronicle writer is not only apt to snag a trophy fish, but Joe nets his share of awards for his photographs of the outdoors and his alluring non-fiction adventure stories, that can compel anyone to head for the woods in pursuit of an outdoor adventure.

Brazos Books brings the Houston writer out this weekend to sign a few copies and share some insight about his book "The Outdoor Chronicles". Sphere: Related Content

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