Monday, June 15, 2009

Book Events In Houston

Nia Promotions invites all the ladies in the house to indulge in Books, Beauty & Banter! This unique book event in Houston provides a literary getaway. This is your chance to connect with other women who have decided to slow their roll and elude the “real world” while experiencing, not just reading a good book.

This LADIES Only event will gives the diva in your family a enjoy fantastic books and vendors, and get in on a Passion Party®. An atmosphere that’s infused with energy, intellect, and fun!

If you haven't been to any of their Houston, or online events or even heard of this virtual promotions company, do yourself a favor and check out the Nia Promotions podcast. You'll be pleasantly surprised how they have elevated reading books from a hobby to an entertaining and enriching experience.

The latest books from Jean Holloway, TL James, Danyelle Scroggins and DeiIra Smith-Collard will be the topic starters. It's a time for conversation, camaraderie, and candid chats with authors and friends about exciting books that Houston women are reading. Sphere: Related Content

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